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Punjab Bone Crushing Mills was established In Wazirabad Province Punjab on 1968 By Late Seith Mehboob Hussain. At that time there was No Major Industry in the Wazirabad.

This is the first Bone Crushing Unit in wazirabad and 3rd bone unit in pakistan. And the second major Industry in wazirabad on 1968. This family business is now successfully being run by third generation. Throughout the 46 years establishment , Punjab Bones has been exporting and serving Local company,s to the best and highest of standards. With reputed buyers in pakistan and reputed buyers world wide the company has built a portfolio through excellent customers service and remarkable quality. The main operation of Punjab Bone Crushing Mills, Wazirabad of Sun dried degreased healthy animal bones. The company also has the advantage of having a Large net work availability of Raw Bones in the surrounding areas. The slaughter house supply the Raw bones on regular intervals as required when the bones arrived they are immediately sorted out for SRM (Specified Rejected material) by trained labor. The bones are then transferred to relevant units as the SRM is kept separate from the SRM Free, Which are monitored strictly by experienced staff members.